Over the last three years, thousands of individuals have participated in O.F.O.P.’s disaster relief rebuilding projects. Hundreds have sacrificed their time and energy to serve on the construction sites, and thousands of others have contributed with prayer and financial support. ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE homes have been built for survivors of natural disasters in three different states (Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Nebraska). These projects allow willing individuals to tangibly serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part of our next project! Click on the home photos below to see more information about each build.

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska - 2014

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska – 2014

Little Axe, Oklahoma - 2013

Little Axe, Oklahoma – 2013

Thurman, Iowa - 2012

Thurman, Iowa – 2012

Joplin, Missouri - 2011

Joplin, Missouri – 2011


In addition to our annual rebuilding projects, ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE encourages brothers and sisters to serve those in need in their own communities. OFOP volunteers have worked along side other local agencies to serve their community needs.  Short term projects like these allow even more people to get involved without the long-term commitment of travel and missed work.



In March of 2015, ONE FAMILY ONE PUROSE volunteers gave a helping hand to the Joosten family from Beaver Crossing, Nebraska, by constructing the exterior of their new home. The dwelling replaced their make-shift residence, a camper they’d been living  in since the 2014 tornado destroyed their home. This week-long project had a lasting effect on many of the lives involved–including the volunteers.


Mexico pictureONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE has established a partnership with Bruce and Paula Hepburn, missionaries in the impoverished area of Reynosa Mexico. OFOP volunteers have served along side of Bruce and Paula as they’ve built homes, distributed food, and spread the love of Christ to the residents along the canal. We’d like to encourage our brothers and sisters to be a part of this amazing work. Contact us today to see how you can help.