Bruce and Paula Hepburn moved to the Texas/Mexico border in the Fall of 2007. After years of short-term mission work in Reynosa MX, they decided to make a life-changing commitment to follow their call to serve the poorest of poor in Mexico.  The fruits of their labor can be seen along the canal in the impoverished area of Reynosa. With support from brothers and sisters like you, the Lord has blessed thousands of families in Mexico through their ministry. The Hepburns build homes, offer food and clothing to those in need, and most importantly, they share the love and hope that is found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ONE FAMILY ONE PUPROSE is proud to join forces with the Hepburns as we seek to serve those in need. For more information about their ministry, and to find out how you can be a part of the Lord’s work in Mexico,visit

Bruce and Paula Hepburn, Mexico Missionaries

If you’re interested in serving with the Hepburns—either on a short term mission trip, or as a monthly supporter of their ministry, please contact us today.