Heavy winter snowfall in the Northern states, along with significant Spring precipitation in the Midwest combined to cause wide-spread flooding along bodies of water, such as the Missouri River in 2019. Among the areas hit the hardest was Fremont County, Iowa. The Southwestern Iowa county was devastated by the expanding banks of the powerful river. Dozens of families were left homeless by the destructive flow of rising floodwater.  

In November, 2020, ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE will again dispatch volunteers to Fremont County to help with the long-term recovery of property. 

The organization is in need of willing volunteers to help an Iowa family recover from the devastation. Volunteers will be serving in the area from Monday, November 30th-Saturday, December 11th (or until completion–whatever comes first). Volunteers will be assisting in the construction of a new home. Carpentry tools will be available but, as always, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own tool-belt and general tools (hammers, tape measures, levels, etc.). If you have questions on how to be a part of the flood restoration this November and December, use the CONTACT US button on this website. 

We are also in need of funds to help purchase the building materials needed to construct the single family dwelling. To make a tax-deductible contribution online, click HERE. You can also mail your tax deductible contribution to ONE FAMILY ONE PURPOSE, PO Box 564, LaHarpe IL 61450. 

Thank you for your generous support! See you in Southwest Iowa this winter!